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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we take entry level candidates?

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Unfortunately, we do not take on entry-level candidates as our clients look to us to find experienced talent.

Do we require our candidates to have a Heavy Rigid License?

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A Heavy Rigid License is required for some of our roles, depending on which site you are looking to go to. Our consultants will let you know if it is required for any positions they are considering for you.

Do we have any mining roles locally in Perth?

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We do not provide operational, technical or maintenance roles locally however, we do have admin, HR, and accounting opportunities in Perth.

How do I access Astute – the payroll software used by Scotford Fennessy?

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In the top right-hand corner of our website, you will see the Contractor’s HUB option. We have links to the Astute Payroll Portal and the Employee Assistance Program on this page. Click on the Astute Payroll Portal image to be redirected to the Astute login page. Once you have logged in, you will be able to edit your bank and tax details and complete your timesheets (if required).

How do I enter hours into my timesheet?

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There are two ways to complete your timesheet, depending on which company you have been placed with. If your site has paper timesheets, you need to physically complete the document, get your supervisor to sign it and then give it to the site admin. If your site completes timesheets electronically, you will need to login to Astute (please see question 4 for access to Astute) and complete the online form. Once you submit the form, your supervisor will be prompted to approve the timesheet.

When is my timesheet due?

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Timesheets are due each Monday by close of business.