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For nearly two decades, Scotford Fennessy has been at the forefront of executive search as a leading executive recruitment agency in Perth, Western Australia. Our track record speaks for itself, as we’ve honed the art of identifying exceptional talent and connecting them with organisations that need them most.

When we talk about A-Grade talent, we mean something more than just someone who can do a great job. We’re talking about the right person; a consistently high performer who is aligned to your company’s vision, purpose, and values.

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Executive Search

C-Level Recruitment

To effectively secure top-level positions such as CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CTO, and GM, our executive recruitment team collaborates closely with you, employing a comprehensive workflow process consisting of over 30 methodically crafted sub-steps. These sub-steps are integrated into the following phases:

Design and Scope

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As with most things, design always casts the biggest shadow. Clearly articulating your business and the role in a way that answers all the great questions an A-Grade candidate will ask you is the most critical step in the process.

This extends beyond market and competitor research and includes 20 scoping questions that you ideally need to be able to answer before we start recruiting. This questioning and analysis provides fuel for a concise Performance Profile and Information Memorandum that will underpin the rest of your process.

Search and Attract

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Finding A-Grade people is never easy, but it’s not impossible. We understand where A-Grade talent ‘lives’, what they are looking for and how to reach them.  We proactively target, or ‘head hunt’, passive as well as active talent utilising a range of methods encompassing digital search tools, referrals, networking and advertising.

Its our job to convey your value proposition to the most relevant A-Grade people and explain your company strategy, culture, challenges and how the role fits in to achieving your growth goals.  This positions you to select from a short list of the most suitable and motivated candidates.

Screen and Select

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Relying on gut feel isn’t enough when selecting A-Grade talent. A comprehensive approach dramatically increases the probability of making better decisions.  We guide you through this process utilising structured interviews with questions targeting key aspects of the role, cognitive and skills testing, background checks, social interaction with the team where relevant, and finally a scorecard for making the final decision.

Onboard and Retain

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The majority of new starters make up their minds about how long they intend to stay with their employer in the first day, week or month of their start date, so it is important to start the new employment relationship off on the right foot and set up new hires for success.  Doing so protects you from one of the greatest disappointments of all: losing an A-Grade candidate before they make the intended impact.

We work with you to ensure successful onboarding through pre-start engagement, first week education and then 30 – 90 day productivity expectations are met with regular feedback loops.

Scotford Fennessy sets the standard for identifying A-Grade candidates

We define an A-Grade candidate as someone who can showcase a strong likelihood, exceeding 80% of attaining the specific performance goals associated with a role — a level of achievement typically attained by only the top 20% of well-suited candidates.

This distinction underscores our reputation as trusted executive recruitment partners for a diverse array of Western Australian-based companies, including ASX-listed entities and privately-owned SMEs, spanning various industries.

Why Scotford Fennessy for Executive Recruitment?

Your success hinges on the calibre of individuals you bring on board. When it comes to executive hires, the stakes are even higher. A single misstep in this crucial area can potentially cost your organisation. That’s why mitigating risks in the hiring process is paramount.

When you partner with us, you gain access to a rich pool of meticulously vetted executive talent, primed to help your organisation thrive. Our specialty lies in not only attracting but working with you to ensure you retain A-Grade talent, ensuring your team’s success and future growth.

Exclusive Network

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Our extensive network connects us with Australia’s top-tier executives. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to a proven, distinct process, meticulously applied to every search assignment and partnership we embark upon.

Diversity and Inclusion

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We acknowledge the importance of diversity and inclusion in enriching an organisation’s culture and enhancing performance. Thus, we strive to promote diversity in executive roles, supporting our clients in achieving a balanced and inclusive leadership team.

Talent Mapping and Industry Insights

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Our expert consultants perform comprehensive talent mapping, giving you access to a broad range of potential candidates. Using our industry insights and future-focused approach, we help you anticipate changes in the talent landscape and stay ahead of the curve.

Remuneration and Benefits

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We assist both clients and candidates in understanding and negotiating competitive remuneration packages. We ensure that the benefits and compensation align with the market standards for various executive roles.

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Executive Recruitment FAQs

What is executive recruitment?

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Executive recruitment is a specialised form of recruitment that focuses on filling senior leadership positions within an organisation. It involves a thorough understanding of the company’s strategic goals, culture, and the specific leadership needs to ensure the right fit.

How do you ensure the best fit between the candidate and the company culture?

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We perform a comprehensive analysis of your organisation, including its culture, values, and strategic goals. We then assess potential candidates not just on skills and experience, but also on their values, leadership style, and cultural fit.

How long does the typical executive search process take?

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The duration of the search can vary depending on the specific role and market conditions. However, a typical executive search process usually takes around two to three months from initiation to placement.

Do you offer services beyond recruitment, like leadership assessment or onboarding support?

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Yes, we provide a comprehensive suite of services beyond recruitment. This includes leadership assessments, psychometric testing, negotiation of remuneration packages, and support during the onboarding process.

How do you assist with the negotiation of remuneration packages for executive roles?

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We provide guidance and support during the negotiation process, helping both clients and candidates arrive at a fair and competitive remuneration package that reflects the role’s responsibilities and market standards.

How do you maintain confidentiality during an executive search?

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Confidentiality is paramount in our executive search process. We have strict protocols in place to ensure all information is handled with the utmost discretion.

What is talent mapping, and how does it factor into your search process?

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Talent mapping is a strategic process where we identify and track potential candidates in the market, even before a specific role becomes available. It enables us to understand the talent landscape, anticipate changes, and swiftly connect you with high-calibre candidates.

Do you provide career support for candidates?

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Absolutely. We guide candidates throughout their career journey, offering advice on performance improvement, leadership development, and long-term career planning.

How can a potential candidate get into your recruitment network?

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Candidates interested in executive roles can get in touch with us through our website or directly contact our consultants. We encourage potential candidates to keep their profiles updated, as we regularly review our database for suitable roles.

How do you handle situations where an executive placement does not work out as expected?

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While we strive to ensure a successful placement, if a situation arises where an executive placement does not work out, we will conduct a thorough review to understand the reasons. Our service involves a guarantee period where we will undertake a new search to replace the candidate at no additional cost.

What industry do you specialise in?

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We describe our executive search process and methodology as industry agnostic.  While many of our clients are related to Western Australia’s resources sector, we apply our business acumen and advanced search techniques to deliver successful outcomes to a wide range of SME and ASX listed companies operating across industries.