Our Commitment to Site Safety

Safety First

We are committed to keeping people safe – our employees, our clients – everybody.

It’s an approach that’s deeply embedded in our values. We’re all about putting people first and doing the right thing. We never rest on our laurels, determined to continuously improve how we work.

We take our duty of care very seriously. We’re always looking for ways to reduce the risk of incidents and/or injury. Our Scotford Fennessy Site Safety program helps us maintain our focus on safety in our day-to-day activities. We operate under the philosophy of Think Talk Act to guide and measure our safety behaviour.

Our Safety Measures

We use positive indicators and lag indicators to track our proactive and reactive behaviours and measure our safety performance.

Positive performance indicators

  • Site inspections complete and accurate for every client
  • Reference checks completed for all contractors
  • Inductions for all new team members
  • Regular safety interactions with employees, measured and recorded.

Lag performance indicators

  • Incidents reported
  • Lost time injuries
  • Medical treatment injuries
  • Review on poor performance
  • Cost of claims
  • Cost of workers’ compensation payments

Our Day-to-Day Safety Activities

Our Owners

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  • Lead safety for Scotford Fennessy
  • Establish safety framework for Scotford Fennessy
  • Embed safety in company values
  • Reinforce day-to-day safety

Our OHS Manager

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  • Upskill consultants to understand and deliver safety-based activities
  • Induct new head office members in safety
  • Audit site inspections
  • Consultation and advice to clients
  • Provide support to consultants

Our Management Team

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  • Lead safety for the office
  • Manage office safety framework
  • Embed safety in office values
  • Reinforce day-to-day safety
  • Implement safety policies and procedures
  • Monitor safety compliance
  • Seek advice on safety

Client Interaction

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  • Align to clients with a similar commitment to safety
  • Communicate our commitment
  • Ask questions about client safety
  • Observe client safety
  • Ensure site inspections are completed
  • Know client performance against industry

Employee Engagement

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  • Match candidate skills and attributes to roles
  • Conduct Pre-Employment Medical Screening
  • Interview to find out attitude and physical safety issues
  • Conduct general safety induction
  • Reinforce safety continuously with employees
  • Ask employees about client safety

Employees at Client Sites

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  • Report hazards
  • Wear appropriate PPE
  • Report accidents and incidents
  • Advise Scotford Fennessy if asked to do tasks outside of the agreed assignment