Candidate Support

When it comes down to it, our company exists for, and because of people, and at Scotford & Fennessy, we’re committed to working with individuals to provide education and opportunities that help to build careers.

What we do isn’t about sales or transactions; it’s about people and relationships, which is reflected in our company purpose, building companies, building careers. As part of our dedication to that purpose, we’re passionate about providing a broad range of support services, and up to date opportunities for those that are looking to take that next step.

The services we offer to Scotford & Fennessy candidates include the following areas.

  • Job applications
  • General applications
  • Career counselling
  • Job board
  • Talent Management
  • Interview coaching
  • CV support
  • Careers education content

To find out more, candidates can search the Scotford & Fennessy job board, or contact our Candidate Management team.