Navigating Perth’s Current Job Market

Since the end of the pandemic, market conditions have settled with reduced volatility. However, this doesn’t mean the pressure has eased for job seekers. In fact, the combination of strong market conditions, a high employment rate, and a shift in employer expectations has intensified competition for job seekers.

Employers now have a larger pool of qualified candidates to choose from, making it tougher to stand out. Plus, job seekers are placing more emphasis on factors like work-life balance and career fulfilment, adding to the pressure of finding a suitable role.

So, what does this mean for job seekers?

Growth areas of the Perth marketplace

Some industries have been subject to greater growth in services and therefore demand for employees. These include roles such as accounting and engineering.

In Western Australia, notable expansion has been observed in sectors like mining and resources. Recognising these areas of substantial growth can be advantageous for both job seekers exploring new opportunities and individuals considering a shift in career paths.

The highest growing sectors in WA include:


Mining has long proven to be a backbone of our economy and with more mining sites in operation each year, there is a wide and deep pool of opportunity for a range of professionals. Research shows that WA’s mining industry employed 126,481 operational employees in full-time equivalent (FTE) terms during 2022-23. This was another record, marking six consecutive financial years of growth, the last five of which have all been new record highs.

Healthcare and aged care

Healthcare demand is growing and with it comes industry requirements, including a larger workforce. Not all employment opportunities in healthcare require health-related qualifications.

As a significant proportion of the population begin to reach the aged care stage of their lives, the demand on this industry is proving to be and will continue to be significant, ensuring there is no shortage of opportunity for job seekers.

While the healthcare sector offers diverse opportunities for those with health-related qualifications, it also presents avenues for individuals with expertise in financial management and administrative functions to contribute meaningfully to the industry’s operations.


Financial services, such as accounting, are in high demand. Whether you’re a qualified accountant or looking to upskill in bookkeeping, this is an area of the Western Australia market where there is a lot of opportunity.

Privacy and data protection are expected to continue growing. Workers with knowledge of privacy regulations, compliance skills, and the ability to understand and adapt to changes in the rules will be in high demand. Being able to help businesses manage privacy risks will be especially valuable.


The engineering sector certainly requires specific qualifications and experience, but with the explosion of interest and investment in renewable and green energy, the industry and the commensurate opportunities are increasing as well. As well as a continued focus on decarbonisation and energy supply transformation projects, means that these skills will continue to be in high demand.

The challenges and the opportunities

So, what does this mean for someone trying to find their way through the complex web of seeking employment in 2024?

It means acknowledging the increased prioritisation of skills, knowledge and experience.

For example, technology is proving to play a more important role in business and in the hiring criteria of potential employers. With increased prevalence being centred on technological advancements, the balance of experience/qualification and skill acquisition has changed as a result. Many more businesses are open to capable and competent applicants from related but not identical fields.

This means there is an opportunity for the proactive job seeker to upskill themselves and improve their own adaptability to evolving technologies. Being able to take advantage of this competitive edge will help separate you from the rest of the job-seeking market and make employing you increasingly appealing and valuable to businesses.

The cultural shift

It’s not just unemployment rates and advertisements on online job platforms that significantly changed during and since the pandemic. There has been a palpable cultural shift as more and more people are focusing on work/life balance, prioritising a hybrid working environment, and are more amenable to skill transferability.

Businesses are shifting expectations to be more in line with the wider social changes and are promoting their flexible work environments. For job seekers, this can result positively in there being more viable opportunities.

It means that roles and industries you may not have considered before could present unique and invaluable opportunities for progressing your career. Considering the competitiveness of the job market, broadening your search without having to compromise your priorities could yield better results than in years gone by.

The role of recruitment specialists

Recruitment specialists play a key role for job seekers. By keeping on the pulse of changes in market trends and drawing on their network and experience, they offer invaluable advice, insights, and strategies.

Combined with one’s independent motivation to continuously invest in upskilling, adaptability and continuous learning, working with a recruitment agency can help bring a sense of direction in an otherwise complex job market environment.

Partnering with Scotford Fennessy

Scotford Fennessy is among the premier recruitment agencies in Perth and surrounds.

It’s not just because we specalise in many of the highest growth markets — such as finance, mining and engineering – it’s also because we leverage our extensive experience in the industry with our forward-looking approach.

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The Right People Make Life Easier

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