Simple Career Progression Tactics

Are you looking to make a mark or land your next role in the competitive Perth job market?

With Scotford Fennessy, building a long-term, fulfilling career has never before been more within your reach. Nevertheless, there are some simple career progression tactics to best set you up for success that you can begin implementing right now.

Simple strategies to develop your career

1. Upskilling and training

As industries continually develop and change, and the job market evolves accordingly, it’s important that you invest the time and effort in ensuring your skills are relevant and sufficient for the modern world.

Consider specific skill development programs or courses that are aligned with your career goals. You can start off by contacting certified and registered training organisations in Perth and having an obligation-free conversation about the different options available.

2. Networking and relationship building

Developing and drawing on professional networks is a key strategy for career progression. Professional relationship building is not just about trying to score your next role; it’s about learning from others in the industry, staying abreast of the general market conditions, and helping to find mentors, peers and friends from which to develop yourself personally and professionally.

Networking and relationship building can and should be done both online and offline.

Not quite sure how to begin? Here are some simple tips to get started:

  1. Start developing a network with your existing contacts: Family, friends, former colleagues.
  2. Attend industry events, conferences, and seminars.
  3. Join professional networking groups or associations relevant to your career.
  4. Create a presence on online platforms like LinkedIn to connect with professionals in your industry.
  5. Volunteer for relevant projects or committees to meet new people.
  6. Ensure you regularly update and communicate with your network to maintain and nurture the relationships.

3. Mentorship and coaching

Finding a mentor or a coach can be invaluable for career progression. Not only does this contribute to your widening professional network, but it also allows you to access valuable insights, career-specific advice and inspire more opportunities for growth.

There is no right or wrong way to engage in mentorship and coaching. It’s all about finding what works for you and what helps you take that next step in your career growth.

4.  Demonstrating leadership skills

While our tips so far have focused on external factors and strategies, this one can be implemented in your current workplace. Showcasing your leadership skills is a strong way to signal your capability and readiness to progress to the next level.

As a professional, demonstrating leadership qualities by volunteering to head projects, provide advice and go the extra mile whether or not you’re in a managerial role can help you stand out and exemplify your candidacy for promotion and career progression.

Demonstrating leadership skills also allows you to better those same skills and this continuous learning just circles back into a beneficial feedback loop and ensures your ongoing improvement.

5. Seek feedback and learn from setbacks

Being open to feedback, both positive and negative, can go a long way in career advancement. Constructive feedback, even if it’s hard to hear at times, gives you an opportunity to learn, grow and improve.

Everyone makes mistakes and can improve, but not everyone makes the effort to do so. Think about how you can learn from past challenges–this will not only improve your actual capabilities but will also successfully distinguish you from others around you who are less receptive to personal and professional improvement.

6. Set clear career goals

It can be hard to know whether you’re moving towards or away from your career goals without clearly expressing and focusing on what you’re trying to achieve.

Setting out your goals allows you to focus your efforts and better navigate a career path. With a goal-oriented approach you can make informed decisions and track your progress, instead of simply flying by intuition blindly.

Remember that your career goals should follow the SMART methodology.

S – Make the goals Specific

M – Ensure they are Measurable

A – Goals need to be Achievable

R – Focus on making them Relevant

T – Take care that they are Time-bound

Why work with Scotford Fennessy to advance your career

The team here at Scotford Fennessy are dedicated to providing our clients with personalised career guidance to suit their preferences and goals. We tailor our support to each and every candidate by discussing how you see your career progressing and highlighting ways to pursue that success that work for you.

We take a long-term approach to career planning. It’s not just about today or tomorrow but about building fulfilling careers in the long run. That’s why we develop comprehensive and customised career plans for every client that walks through our doors.

Case study: Meet Cameron

Cameron originally came to Scotford Fennessy by applying via an advertisement. He was interested in a role as an All-rounder Operator and after successfully applying, he progressed to Leading Hand and then to Production Supervisor. By recognising his talents and experience, it didn’t take long for Cameron to fulfill his potential and advance his career.

How did Scotford Fennessy make a difference to Cameron?

Our team identified Cameron as a candidate with potential and maintained contact with him to keep updated with where he was with his career. Our continued communication allowed us to gauge whether he was content with his career progression and identify further goals. Working with Cameron, we knew that he was an excellent candidate for a supervisor position, and we were determined to help him achieve that goal.

Despite these senior production supervisor positions often not being actively advertised, we reviewed our extensive network and matched him with a supervisor role at one of the biggest nickel sites in WA. He is now leading a team of up to 100 operators. Since then, in light of the success and efforts from the Scotford Fennessy team, Cameron has referred other candidates to our agency–all of whom have also been placed successfully.

Let us help progress your career

Scotford Fennessy is a dedicated recruitment partner helping individuals reach their career goals. By identifying potential, matching experience and skills with opportunity and leaving no stone unturned, we can help you advance your career just like we assisted Cameron.

Ready to find out more? Contact us today.

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